New Product Update: Inkling Modules

The beauty of Inkling Habitat, our cloud-based authoring environment, is that it allows authors to create content at scale. Even better, with intuitive WYSIWYG editing and robust version control, Inkling Habitat make it possible for all of that content to stay up-to-date and continue to keep readers engaged. When it comes to text-based content, content updates are a no-brainer. However, managing more complex content like interactive widgets calls for a more sophisticated approach.

Slideline Interactive

For example, say you’ve gotten some user feedback on a slideline widget–an interactive timeline that shows progress–to change its sliding dot from blue to red. Before, our users had to find the right widget across all content projects, whether five or 100, and call in a developer to make individual changes across each of the projects. It wasn’t impossible, but it took time.


We are making a new feature available to customers in our June 30 Habitat release. Users will now be able to build widgets as self-contained modules which can be installed in any Habitat project. Our new module management interface helps you maintain a library of widgets for your organization and see the projects where they are installed.

Even if you don’t develop your own widgets, we’ll automatically populate your library with a base set of widgets for you to use in any of your projects. The module framework will allow us to push future updates to these widgets directly to your library, but you’ll still maintain control over what goes into your content.


As the above image demonstrates, you can decide which specific projects you’d like to update with a new or modified widget. In order to maintain consistency across your content, access to the module management interface is limited to the organization-wide admin users that you choose.

In short, modules make it easier than ever to keep track of projects that include widgets, push widget updates out to those projects, and publish them to your users.

Looking Forward

All in all, this update makes it easier and faster for users to keep their interactive content fresh, accurate, and engaging. We’re excited to keep developing better ways for our customers to create and manage their content–stay tuned for next month’s update!