Best Inkling eBooks of 2015

Creativity, communication, and knowledge ran 2015. New technology helped our increasingly mobile workforces be more effective and better informed than ever. Customized, quick-reference content freed up brain space for innovation and critical thinking, while modern, multimodal learning tools engaged us and peaked information retention.

As mobile technology unearths new ways to enable sales teams, training programs, and corporate eLearning and development opportunities, we’re working to make sure you have the information, perspectives, and analysis necessary to implement these evolving technologies for yourself.

So, in 2015, we built a metric ton of eBooks and blog posts to help guide the business community through this fast-evolving world of mobile content and solutions. Here are our Top 5 eBooks of the year, as decided by you, our readers.

#1 The Silent Killer of Business Success: The Classroom

Today’s learning technology isn’t just about keeping up with the times, it’s about keeping up with your learners. Many companies are aware that there are more modern and mobile-friendly training programs out there, but are unsure how to translate business buzz into business practice. We decided it was time to break down how three existing learning models have evolved and how three new learning models are making waves in business.

#2 Close Deals Faster with Mobile Performance Support

It doesn’t matter how out-of-this-world talented your salespeople are–not even corporate rock stars can remember and relay every tiny fragment of relevant information in a given conversation. Even if your salespeople can’t pull that information out of their heads, they can easily recall it using the right mobile app to access just-in-time content. This eBook takes you through the latest and greatest in just-in-time content and mobile reference support, including interactive, hands-on glimpses of Inkling’s own reference tools.

#3 Three Keys to Creating Business-Aligned Learning

Any L&D initiative needs to have clear individual and institutional goals, and be able to map those goals back to overall business objectives. While this may sound obvious, it isn’t easy. Luckily, there are three simple steps to remodel your learning strategy for a business-aligned and goal-oriented learning program. Here’s how to rethink your learning strategy, marry content with content, and use analytics to test for valuable performance metrics.

#4 The Four Commandments for Better Sales Enablement

The world of sales has been changing slowly for years as technology advances in training and support. In 2016, this slow change is about to come to a head, with mobile training tools rapidly exploding onto the scene. Your team needs to be mobile and always connected to stay competitive and successful. Here’s a thoughtful look at how you can embrace the future and give your sales enablement team the tools that they need to be killer at their jobs.

#5 The Crisis of Context in Corporate Learning

The way you deliver content to your team has become more critical than the content itself. Outdated methods have no contextual structure–which means no way to quickly find answers to vital questions. As companies pour resources into creating mountains of content, we’re here to help them optimize these investments for the context in which they are being utilized. This eBook shows you how to successfully contextualize your information and make it easy to utilize in any high-pressure situation.

That’s the wrap of what you found most valuable in 2015! We’re thrilled to be charging ahead into the new year with new ideas and solutions for you to ensure that your content is performing at its best.