Free Inkling eBook Teaser: The Elements of Great Content

The content conversation is a vast one. Businesses run on content, but we don’t hold business content to the same standard as that of our day-to-day social media and marketing efforts. Why not? Why are corporate training programs still stuck with static, outmoded PDFs? And why aren’t we enabling our sales teams with the content they need to dazzle prospects?

The idea that great content only lives in marketing is outdated, and doesn’t consider the big power of today’s mobile technology: Americans now spend more time on their mobile devices than desktops. From training materials, onboarding documents, and product manuals, to events, websites, and advertising, it’s all content–and it all has to be prepared with multiple devices in mind.

So, in all of this noise, where does the “great” in content happen? And, how can you elevate all of your content to the same level?

The secret’s in the sauce–and in our free eBook, “The Elements of Great Content.” This eBook provides three key takeaways:

  1. The top-three qualities of truly great content: it tells a story, it is alive, and it is achievable.

The enterprise can learn a lot from marketing about great content: it is engaging, it is structured, and it is beautiful. And it doesn’t stop growing after you hit “save.” Think about all of the content your company has produced in the past. Is it performing for you now? Or did it get used once and then disappear? It’s time to reframe your whole content approach–and it’s easier to achieve than you might think.

  1. Why great content is so important to your business.

Your employees are ingesting more content than ever, and it’s all competing for real estate. Consider the qualities that make you engage in outside content on a daily basis. Are those elements being implemented in your own content? And, if so, are they working? It’s critical to establish metrics to ensure your content is working the way you want it to and is providing business value.

  1. How to make your content great.

Making great content is not an impossible task, and it doesn’t require hiring an outside agency or taking night classes about HTML and mastering code. There are user-friendly tools on the market to help elevate the quality–and power–of your content.

To learn more about how to create great copy and how the right platform can boost your business objectives, we’ve put together a free guide to great copy–what it is, why it works, and how to implement it in your business. Get “The Elements of Great Content” here!