Help Your Sales Reps Become Experts with Cloud-Based Content

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On a daily basis, sales reps are responsible for managing the sales cycle, reaching out to new prospects, and landing contracts. It’s not enough to be an expert on your company’s product: your reps need to be experts on the customer’s needs and the solutions to those needs. It’s time to train your sales force to demonstrate that they’re trustworthy advisors, armed with valuable expertise to supplement their budding partnership with each prospect.

Providing that type of partnership requires the help of a successful sales enablement solution. Give your sales reps the tools that they need to become experts on your products and services, and to gain in-depth knowledge about your prospects and their needs.

Sales reps aren’t only sales reps anymore.

The role of the sales rep is evolving, and it’s no longer enough to merely sell. Prospects expect your sales reps to provide value by acting as trusted advisors and providing the opportunity for partnership.

Sales reps must be able to answer questions in the middle of a conversation without saying “Hold on, I’ll check with my colleague.” They need to ask carefully crafted questions of their own and pick out the prospect’s pain points from each answer.

Most importantly, they need to demonstrate value to the prospect on a deeper level than merely exchanging money for a product. Build a strong relationship with the prospect by caring about their pain points, and you have a customer for months or years instead of a single sale.

Sales enablement turns your salespeople into credible sources.

The right sales enablement solution gives your sales reps the ability to go above and beyond during every sales conversation. Allow your sales reps to supplement their knowledge with easy-to-access, optimized reference content. Boost your reps’ credibility by phasing out static PDFs and other out-of-date reference materials in favor of a cloud-based content delivery system. Your reps provide clear responses to every question, and your prospects leave the dialogue satisfied enough to close the deal.

Give your team the tools that they need to form partnerships with clients.

This type of seamless partnership requires the support of the right tools for sales enablement. A sales enablement solution that builds on your team’s expertise should include such features as:

  • Optimized content. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for reference materials, so make sure that yours are tailored to meet the needs of your sales team. Not every rep needs exactly the same content, so make sure that everyone’s seeing only what they need.
  • Real-time accuracy. Your products are always changing, so make sure that your team has the most up-to-date version of relevant sales enablement materials. Use a cloud-based system to push the most recent version as soon as it’s available for viewing.
  • Advanced analytics. Know how well your content is performing instantly by checking on metrics such as page views, time spent on pages, time spent on elements, and more. Invest in the type of content that works for your team, rather than blindly investing in content that doesn’t return your investment. 

Today, customers want and expect more from your sales team. Give your prospects what they’re asking for by developing your reps into trustworthy advisors who have all the answers. All you need is the right sales enablement solution and a passionate team that’s ready to form partnerships.