Three Rules for Supplying Memorable Content to Employees

Memorable Content 1

A knowledgeable and well-trained labor workforce is a productive workforce—an easy enough concept in theory. Yet, many businesses still house their internal content on papers within binders. Operational procedures and other critical knowledge presented to frontline teams are often static and dense, out of date, or simply impossible to find. Avoid these pitfalls by following these three simple rules to help you make more memorable content.

1. Make it easily accessible

In our personal lives, we’ve all become accustomed to instant access to knowledge and information on our mobile devices. That same mobile access and ease should apply to work-related information, as well. Teams should also be able to easily search and quickly navigate to precise operational information the moment they need it—on demand and just in time.

2. Don’t let it go stale

In most companies, operational guidelines are constantly changing—sometimes they may be slight modifications, other times more significant revisions. Whatever the extent, ensure those updates are made and immediately distributed so your workforce feels confident they are accessing content that is always correct and dependable. Make sure you have version control!

3. Make it come alive

To make operational content memorable, it must be engaging and interactive. A static, text-dense PDF offers little incentive to its users for easy recall or even possibly to being read in the first place. Content displayed in videos, flashcards, and slides, on the other hand, make content more visually engaging, which increases our ability to recall it (and not to mention more interesting to read and easier to absorb).

As you follow these rules and your content becomes referenceable, engaging, and easy to access, your employees will come to depend on the information because it’s easy to use and they know it’s correct. With a more knowledgeable workforce, your business processes will run smoother and your employees more efficient.