Transforming Sales Reps into Knowledgeable Advisors

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We’ve all become accustomed to—and even expect—having quick access to information and knowledge readily available at our fingertips and on our mobile devices. It’s no exception for sales reps who need on-demand access to product, competitor, and customer knowledge just before and while meeting with customers. Having real-time access to this type of information gives them the confidence and the knowledge they need to present themselves as trusted advisors. The challenge is many Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are not mobile-friendly and don’t provide user experiences that are mobile-friendly or real-time.

Want to dive deeper into ECM? This Wednesday, May 18th, we are hosting a webinar with Forbes Insights where we will explore ECM strategies and the benefits of real-time updates. We will highlight several trends that are affecting ECM systems and start a discussion about the evolution of real-time ECM. Here’s a preview of the insights you’ll hear on the webinar…

Trends in ECM

There are a number of consumer and industry trends that are influencing ECM systems today. Did you know that 52% of organizations using ECM agree that in five years’ time, ECM systems will be an “undifferentiated” part of the IT infrastructure? ECM systems are coming to the forefront of the IT strategy because not only are millennials using mobile, but the entire workforce is quickly becoming more technology savvy. A distributed workforce needs access to knowledge on mobile, tablet, and desktop, while they are out in the field.

Converging Real-Time and Content Management

No one would deny that having real-time updates available in ECM would be a game-changer for business goals, but you might wonder how close we really are to this transition. Is it a mythical outcome or an inevitable one? The experts at Forbes Insights have some surprising conclusions to draw from the data they have gathered.

The transition of ECM from a series of static repositories to a key system of business enablement is a thing of the past, but how much further can ECM take us? Don’t miss your chance to learn more about these topics and reap the benefits these insights will bring your company when you join us for our webinar on Wednesday.