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Feel Inspired by Female Innovators at ATD 2018

What’s the best part of attending industry conferences?

While some might say the networking opportunities or celebrity keynote speakers (or even the booth giveaways), we believe that the heart and soul of any conference is hearing fellow professionals share first-hand their innovative strategies and the outcomes of successful initiatives.

As evidence of this assertion, we have the inside scoop on a session you won’t want to miss at this year’s ATD International Conference.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 9 at 8:15am so you can enjoy Female Leaders Talk Digital Learning and Saving Money

This powerhouse panel brings together female innovators from Taco Bell, H&R Block, and Liberty Mutual to finally answer that burning question: what DO tacos, taxes, and insurance have in common? (Hint: the answer lies in new technology for learners.)

This unique opportunity will provide insights into how these three companies transformed training and development for their workforces by adopting modern technology. We think you’ll walk away inspired and impressed when you hear the benefits each company is reaping by empowering employees with digital content and using data to drive operational decisions.

Can’t wait until ATD to learn more? We get it. Here’s a sneak peek at Taco Bell’s story.

Plus, rest assured that Inkling will be on hand at the conference to discuss how you can deliver these types of results for your organization. Here are a few ways to find us (and some fun incentives as well):

  • Visit Inkling at Booth #1917 to see a demo and stick around for a chair massage.
  • Pick up your stressball and sign up for our $500 Delta flight voucher giveaway.
  • Chat with us about your specific needs—you can even set up a meeting now to guarantee a time slot.

Check out our ATD event page for all the details, and we look forward to seeing you at the ATD International conference in San Diego!


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