Coffee Hour with Verizon Media: Boosting customer satisfaction and sales

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IMAGINE for a moment that you’re responsible for developing onboarding and training programs that empower your frontline workforce to deliver quick, reliable, and exceptional customer service via phone, email, chat, and social channels. Now imagine that you know that your employees need access to the most up-to-date interactive training and reference materials to successfully do their jobs—but, your current legacy content and training development system isn’t delivering the modern learning experience or results you need.

MEET Michelle Manbeck, Director of Global Training at Verizon Media. To meet these challenges and increase customer satisfaction, Michelle decided a change was needed to support her team of 2,200 global call center agents in a meaningful and effective way.

From an authoring perspective, it was taking too long to develop content for new hire training, ongoing learning, product reference, and new initiative launches using Adobe Captivate. To complicate things, making edits and updating those materials took weeks. From the trainer and trainee perspectives alike, the learning experiences being created weren’t engaging, interactive, or effective. As Michelle explained, “Adobe Captivate was death by PowerPoint with audio narration…”

And finally, to top it all off, security protocols prevented her agents from bringing paper, notebooks, or mobile phones to the call center floor—making on-the-job reference and note taking impossible.

IMPROVEMENTS for Michelle, her content creators, and call center agents arrived when they replaced Adobe Captivate with Inkling. Reflecting on the rationale for making the move to Inkling, Michelle says, “Inkling is a lot easier to use and navigate than other systems [we considered] and has a clean look-and-feel. Once our team saw the beauty and simplicity of the Inkling platform and the drag-and-drop authoring functionality, they were sold on it.”

TODAY, by adopting Inkling’s learning enablement platform Michelle’s team can now:

  • Provide interactive, media-rich content that complements the classroom setting
  • Allow agents to take notes during training that can be securely referenced on-the-job
  • Deploy new content and rapid updates quickly—in minutes, not weeks

LISTEN to Michelle and Jeff Carr, Former Inkling CEO, talk about Verizon Media’s commitment to interactive training and the positive impact Inkling’s learning enablement platform is having across their organization.