Five tips for empowering today’s workers with modern learning

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Imagine asking ten employees at your company whether it’s easy to find the information needed to do their jobs. How many employees would you expect to respond affirmatively?

If you’re like most, you’d probably like to believe all ten employees know exactly where that content exists and how to access it. After all, organizations spend an average of 31.5 hours and over $1,200 on training every worker, so that investment should yield a high rate of return, right?

Brace yourself. Only one out of ten employees are likely to say that it’s easy to find information within their organization. Despite all the time and money spent on onboarding and training a mere 9% of employees say they can find content easily while on the job.

This astonishing statistic begs the question: What’s wrong with the way we distribute knowledge today?

Meet employees where they work

Let’s start with the elephant in the (work)room: Employees no longer spend the majority of their time at desks in an office environment.

Workplace dynamics have changed, and an increasing number of employees are remote, mobile, or field workers who lack regular access to an office desk, desktop computer, and chair (if they have these items at all). In fact, modern workers are away from their desks more than 50% of the time they’re on the job.

Therefore, knowledge sharing must be adapted. Binders, PDFs, and intranets simply don’t cut it for anyone who wants to find and interact quickly with information while on-the-go. Today’s workers need learning in the flow of work, which points to the need for mobile content.

Five tips to select a content platform for modern learning

To empower employees with knowledge, organizations need a content platform that accompanies workers at all times, no matter where they work. The key is to provide a modern learning environment where learning is made simple for employees and delivered directly to them on any mobile device.

Uncertain where to start? Here are five tips to ensure you pick the right content platform.

  1. Interactive, searchable content: Provides media-rich content that’s always available, even offline, with powerful search capabilities that personalize the discovery of information.
  2. Mobile responsiveness: Displays all content properly on any screen size without formatting challenges.
  3. Easy content creation: Supplies easy-to-use templates so anyone can create attractive and engaging content without advanced skills.
  4. Always up-to-date content: Publishes content and updates immediately to ensure employees always use the most up-to-date version.
  5. Valuable insights: Collects data on usage and employee engagement to drive content improvements and address learner issues.

With the right content platform, knowledge sharing can increase employee productivity by up to 30%. With those types of results, can you afford to wait?

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