What On-Demand Learning at Workspeed Means in a COVID-19 World

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The global pandemic has forced organizations to rethink their learning strategies. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for organizations to create a more powerful approach to learning and to put down the traditional approaches that have been in place for many years. The time is now for organizations to reach out to their learners in a new way and help them to acquire the necessary competencies and skills to manage through this uncertain and stressful time.

Pandemic Reveals Familiar On-Demand Learning Challenges
COVID – 19 has placed organizations in the epicenter of a long-standing challenge – how to deliver personalized learning at scale. The challenges of creating a just in time, just for me, just the way I want it learning environment for every learner has reached its pinnacle with the pandemic because learners are scattered to the wind.

As employees try to settle into a virtual environment, it has become clear to organizations that traditional methods of learning are no longer viable. In-person instructor-led training does not translate directly to virtual instructor-led training and relying on an LMS as the sole learning technology is coming up short.

The Opportunity for Leveraging New Learning Technology has arrived
Organizations are now looking to augment their LMS with other forms of learning technology to achieve the goal of personalized learning at scale.

As organizations traverse the turbulent waters of the past few months, many are seeing that there is an opportunity to reimagine learning and put in place a fresh and reenergized approach to learning that will sustain long after the pandemic is gone. The good news is that learners are ready for a change.

According to Brandon Hall Groups research, 65% of employees are at an all-time level of readiness to embrace digital learning.

Organizations are listening intently to the needs of their learners and what is becoming clear rather quickly is that learning organizations need a more sophisticated learning technology ecosystem. But the ecosystem this time around needs to address both content development and delivery. Creating personalized learning at scale means increasing the relevancy of content not just its accessibility. Learning organizations now need a powerful combination of learning technology that can develop highly engaging, multiformat content and deliver it in an environment that draws learners in, motivates them to learn, and gives them the confidence to apply what they learned.

As organizations continue to traverse the turbulent waters of the pandemic, they will continue to face great challenges in keeping connected with their employees. One of the most important connection points with employees is learning and development. The only way to reach employees when they are in the best position to learn is to have a well thought out and constructed learning technology ecosystem.