What to Look for in a Modern Learning Platform: Dynamic Content Authoring

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If you’re on the search for a learning solution that will make your job easier while delivering a stellar experience for your learners that delivers business impact, you’re going to want to make sure it includes dynamic content authoring. And you know why. 

Dynamic, engaging content is at the heart of any successful learning/training program. But, the job of creating, collaborating on, and disseminating that content is not always easy. In fact, it can be downright headache-inducing, especially if you have to deal with scattered resources, cumbersome authoring tools, and make-shift workflows. 

With dynamic content authoring, you can kiss all your content headaches goodbye and start creating, sharing, and managing branded content a breeze. Here are some key things to look for as you search for the right system.

A Simple Way to Create Captivating Content

A clean, easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor/interface means you don’t need a degree in programming to create your content. It allows you to simply drag and drop widgets where you want them and edit content with a click. Dropping in assessments, flashcards, slideshows, is hassle-free and makes the content more engaging for your learners. 

To speed up the authoring process, a modern learning platform with branded templates of common documents (think: preloaded with colors, fonts, and logos) helps to ensure a consistent experience. 

The Secret to Creating On-Demand Learning Content Your Learners Will Love

The Ability to Collaborate with Your Team—Anytime, Anywhere

Creating impactful content may mean that you’ve got to collaborate with subject matter experts or other members of your team. It’s important to use a system that enables a workflow where you can tag people to review specific content or the whole document. Then, send email notifications to those individuals with the comments in the body of the email and a link to the specific content. All they have to do is click and go. The beauty of dynamic content authoring is you can collaborate with anyone you give permission to anytime, anywhere.

Being Able to Share with Your Learners and Keep Them Updated

Once you’ve finished your document, it’s time to distribute it to your learners. A smart content authoring environment will allow you to assign audiences to documents with rules like job title, local, or region to define who should see or not see the document in their library. 

You shouldn’t stress if you need to go back and update or add content to the document. It’s essential that the system can send notices to learners immediately after updates are saved and are searchable to learners who want to go back to that content. Reporting? Analytics are a must-have so you can see who saw your content, who clicked on it, and how long they spent within the page of content. 

All in all, having a dynamic content authoring environment allows you to get more out of your content without all the headaches.