Why Your Employees Need Mobile Learning

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The number of mobile devices in use worldwide is expected to reach 17.72 billion by 2024, an increase of 3.7 billion devices compared to 2020. (1) These numbers suggest that you can confidently conclude that most of your employees are used to operating in a mobile environment. But do you offer learning and training programs in that environment?

Mobile learning benefits employees by enabling them to access training and knowledge anytime, anywhere, and it also benefits managers with insight into their team’s training progress.

A Continuous Learning Experience

Delivering learning content on a mobile device via a web page or an app embedded in a browser means employees don’t get a seamless learning experience. It’s often slow and clunky. Employees in the field typically have less time to spend on training since they’re on the job. 

A native mobile learning app runs faster, performs better, and can be downloaded via Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store so employees get a continuous learning experience on-the-go. Anytime, anywhere access to an on-demand content library enables employees to find critical training and knowledge when they need it, even when they’re out of the office. You can even ensure security and compliance with geofencing to control where employees are able to access information based on a defined radius. 

And all content is built with a responsive design so it adapts to formatting on any device, so content like videos or SCORM fits the screen.

Why Your Employees Need Mobile Learning

Agile Learning in the Flow of Work

Leveraging mobile devices to extend learning from the back-office into the real world, creates opportunities for shoulder-to-shoulder training in the flow of work. Formal and informal learning can also be blended to improve learning retention. 

You can also keep employees in the field updated on mission-critical knowledge and training so they always have the relevant information they need. Key features in a mobile app, such as intelligent search, search by QR codes, or voice commands to ensure faster access to your mission-critical content. Powerful search capabilities make it easy for field employees to find and access learning anytime, anywhere so they can find what they need, learn it, and get back to work. Employees can be more effective on the job no matter how often things change when they can easily find key information. 

Insight in Real-Time

While employees get the learning and training they need in a mobile environment, managers get insight into who has taken what course, course progress, and the appropriate sign-offs—all in a mobile app. Managers can assign courses, get an at-a-glance view, or drill down to an individual. This enables them to be more productive in the field while ensuring that necessary courses are taken.  

In today’s fast-paced, connected world enabling your employees to learn and get necessary training on mobile devices isn’t just a “nice to have,” it’s necessary for the overall success of the entire organization. 


(1) https://www.statista.com/statistics/245501/multiple-mobile-device-ownership-worldwide/