What to Look for in a Modern Learning Platform: Mobile Learning Capabilities

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In order to ensure the success of your learning and training programs, it is imperative that your employees perceive them as valuable. One highly effective approach to guarantee this value is to ensure that your learning content is easily accessible on mobile devices. However, if your current learning and development (L&D) systems are not specifically designed for mobile use, your content may appear clunky and unresponsive. Moreover, you might miss out on leveraging powerful features that are instrumental in driving optimal results.

Mobile-Centric Product Development

The methodology employed by your L&D system provider in developing their mobile product plays a pivotal role in the overall success of your learning initiatives. To deliver a genuine mobile experience, one that aligns with your employees’ expectations, a mobile-first mindset is indispensable. This approach tailors the user interface to the mobile device, ensuring that employees encounter a seamless and engaging learning environment. This is of paramount importance because if employees encounter a subpar mobile learning experience, they are less likely to actively engage with your programs.

In the dynamic landscape of mobile technology, adaptability is key. Mobile devices evolve rapidly, and your L&D system’s product development must keep pace. Your specific requirements, the evolving needs of your employees on their mobile devices, usability considerations, and enhancements made by mobile device manufacturers necessitate rapid adaptation of your learning app. You need an L&D system that can swiftly take advantage of these changes to provide your employees with the best possible learning experience on their mobile devices.

Intelligent Search Capabilities

Another critical factor in ensuring a positive employee experience is the ability to quickly locate relevant information precisely when it is needed. Your L&D system should facilitate efficient information retrieval on mobile devices. Leveraging a familiar search experience akin to popular search engines like Google allows employees to pinpoint key content swiftly, enabling them to access the information they need and return to their tasks promptly.

Considering that employees in the field may have their hands occupied with job-related tasks, essential mobile features such as voice-command-based search demonstrate your commitment to facilitating their effective job performance. Furthermore, your L&D system should offer the option for employees to have content read aloud on their mobile devices, catering to various learning preferences. When employees require specific documentation related to a piece of hardware, the ability to search via QR code simplifies the process of accessing necessary guides. All these features contribute significantly to building trust in your learning programs.

Actionable Data Insights

As employees interact with learning content in the field, it becomes imperative to gain insights into what works and what doesn’t. This can only be achieved if your L&D system effectively collects and provides the necessary data. Ensure that the mobile app empowers you to access a concise summary of critical information, such as course assignments, course initiation status, completion status, and progress tracking for each team member. For more in-depth insights, detailed information regarding individual team members’ progress, sign-offs, and the time taken to complete a course should be readily accessible.

Consider scenarios where you need to access older versions of previously assigned courses. A robust mobile learning app offers the capability to reassign outdated courses to new team members or perform bulk course assignments. Furthermore, your L&D system should maintain real-time updates, providing you with an accurate and up-to-date understanding of ongoing developments. This data is invaluable for making well-informed decisions regarding the optimization of your learning programs.

Incorporating a fully native mobile app into your L&D system not only grants your employees easy access to essential knowledge and training for performing their jobs with excellence but also empowers you with invaluable insights into how field-based employees are engaging with your programs. This comprehensive approach ensures that your learning and training initiatives align seamlessly with your organization’s goals and your employees’ expectations.

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