What to Look for in a Modern Learning Platform: Mobile Learning Capabilities

Mobile learning gives your employees access to mission-critical training and knowledge whenever they need it.

For your learning and training programs to be successful, employees need to find them valuable. One way to ensure this is to make learning content easily accessible on mobile devices. But if your learning and development (L&D) systems aren’t built for mobile, your content will be clunky and non-responsive. You also won’t get powerful features that help you drive results. 

Mobile Product Development

Why is the way your L&D system provider develops the mobile product important to you? To deliver a true mobile experience, which is what your employees expect, requires a mobile-first mindset. That means the user interface is tailored to the device so employees get a seamless experience. That’s important because if employees have a bad experience, they won’t engage with your programs. 

Things also change fast in the world of mobile so your vendor’s product development has to keep up. Your requirements, what your employees need on their mobile devices, usability, and enhancements mobile device manufacturers make mean your learning app has to adapt. Fast. You want to make sure your L&D system can take advantage quickly so your employees get the best learning experience on their mobile devices. 

Intelligent Search 

Another important factor to ensuring a good employee experience is that they can easily find what they need, right when they need it. Your L&D system should make searching for information quick and easy on mobile devices. Leveraging a familiar search experience like Google where they can pinpoint key content enables them to get what they need and get back to the task at hand. 

Benefits of the Inkling Mobile app - Qualifications

Because employees in the field may be using their hands on the job, key mobile features like search by voice command demonstrate your understanding of what they need to do the job effectively. Your L&D system should also allow employees the option of having the content read to them on mobile devices. If employees need specific documentation on a piece of hardware to operate it, search by QR code makes it easy to pull up necessary guides. All of this goes a long way toward building trust in your learning programs. 

Actionable Data

While employees are interacting with learning content in the field, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. You can only do this if your L&D system collects the necessary data. Make sure the mobile app enables you to view a summary of key information including who has been assigned which course, who has started taking the course, who has not started taking the course, who has completed a course, or who is in the progress of taking a course. You’ll also want more detailed information on specific team member’s progress, sign-offs, and how long it takes to complete a course. 

What if you need to access previously assigned older versions of courses? A powerful mobile learning app gives you the ability to re-assign old courses to new team members or even bulk assign courses. Your L&D system should update all information in real-time so you know exactly what’s happening to make more informed decisions about your programs. 

When your L&D system includes a fully native mobile app, not only do your employees benefit from easy access to knowledge and training to get the job done right but, you also benefit from knowing exactly how employees in the field are engaging with your programs.