How to Deliver Mission-Critical Learning at Workspeed

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In today’s workplace, things move fast—even when there’s a crisis. Employees need the right information on the job to meet the demands of a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment. Traditional learning can’t keep pace with the shifting needs of your workforce and how quickly things change. While change can often seem risky, staying put with traditional learning is much riskier.

How the Pandemic Made Traditional Learning Obsolete

Too many organizations are still stuck in the traditional corporate learning mode of the past. Yesterday’s learning and training methods were slowly becoming outdated by the end of 2019. Then, COVID-19 truly exposed the reality that learning needs to be in real-time.

Old processes and trapped content leaves critical content inaccessible to employees on the front lines. Combine these challenges with complicated, slow, and disconnected authoring tools, and you’ve got content that’s out of date or irrelevant by the time it gets to employees who are giant leaps ahead with their learning needs.  Traditional learning systems and formal learning aren’t built for the way work gets done today.

How to Deliver Mission-Critical Learning at Workspeed

The Shift Toward Knowledge at Work

That’s not to say traditional hard and soft skill learning, long-term training in leadership, team development, and compliance don’t still have their places. However, these formal approaches are delivering only about 30% of learning’s value. The other 70% comes from equipping your workforce with the operational knowledge needed to get work done where it happens.

Traditional learning can’t keep pace with the shifting needs of your workforce and how quickly things change.

The Operational Learning Model is all about developing real-world capabilities taught on the job, shoulder to shoulder, and in person. It’s where knowledge is best assessed and acquired through actual job performance. Capabilities are defined around the actual job activities and job outcomes and combine the skills, knowledge, and experiences an employee needs to succeed.

How to Enable Learning at Workspeed

The other area that experienced acceleration due to the pandemic is digital transformation. Most organizations realized that they couldn’t do business without making that leap when the world began shutting down in 2020. Now that it’s a part of everyday work, you need to make sure that your people aren’t being forgotten in the digital shift.

Learning at workspeed requires a centralized, digital, modern learning platform. This platform provides standard connections and APIs to all learning management systems (LMS), learning experience platforms (LXP), and operational and communications systems, making operational learning and knowledge easy to access: a single source of truth. With powerful content authoring tools, both learning professionals and subject matter experts can create beautiful, engaging content. Additional tools make it possible to guide learners through structured learning paths and deliver personalized experiences while generating meaningful insights and business impact.

When you deliver mission-critical knowledge in the moment of need on the job, that’s ten times more valuable to your business than generic content. Employees learn how to do their jobs, how to sell your products, how to serve your customers, and your organization becomes more successful no matter what’s going on in a rapidly changing world.

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