3 Content Authoring Capabilities That’ll Make Your Job Much Easier

Getting quality, up-to-date content to the right people at the right time is essential for L&D professionals. Thankfully, having the right content authoring tool can make your job a whole lot easier.

3 Content Authoring Capabilities That’ll Make Your Job Much Easier

Keeping employees up-to-date on your company’s products and services is challenging enough. Add to that the ever-increasing rate of change, and it becomes nearly impossible. Unless you have the right content authoring tool. 

Rather than relying on complicated authoring tools that require special training or expertise, the right tool enables you to focus on the objective, engagement, and useability of the content. It also creates one-stop content management, delivery, and repository that’s easily searchable and updated. 

Get Content Authors Up to Speed in No Time 

When a business moves at lightspeed, the last thing you need is a long, laborious training period to get your team up to speed. The right content authoring tool is simple and intuitive for both instructional designers, interns, contractors, and subject matter experts. You don’t need days or weeks of training to author content—your team can get up to speed in under an hour.  

Cutting development time down is critical too because things move so fast you’ve got to get training and learning content out quickly. Drag-and-drop authoring, standard templates, widgets, and designs speed the process. The right tool ensures that no matter what device learners access your content on, it will look great and still enable interactivity. 

3 Content Authoring Capabilities That’ll Make Your Job Much Easier

Drive Engagement with Interactive Content 

The learners of today expect more than “death by PowerPoint.”  So whether you’re updating existing content or completely reimagining learning or training content, you need faster methods for designing interactive, engaging experiences. 

The right content authoring tool gives you the ability to create dynamic, modern digital content in a variety of mediums including video, games, simulations, augmented reality, interactive graphics, flashcards, quizzes, and much more. Not only that but also creating content to support micro-learning snippets and learning paths means the learners are more likely to trust the content will meet their needs and goals.  

Leverage Existing Content In Your LMS or LXP

Taking existing content and updating it can be a tedious process. Most of it is just getting files and documents into a format that can be edited without coding experience. The right content authoring tool easily pulls content from your LMS or LXP and it’s ready to update. Or connect to third-party content like micro apps, augmented/virtual reality, and partner widgets and embed it right into your learning content. The possibilities are endless, even in a fast-paced environment. 

And, no more creating content in a stand-alone tool and managing it across multiple learning systems. The right content authoring tool allows your team to create, manage, update, and distribute content all in one system. 

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