Mobile Learning at Jack in the Box: Agile, Cost Effective, and Ready for Anything

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For over 70 years, Jack in Box has delivered a different kind of fast-food dining experience for customers who like to live “outside the box.” But the company’s internal training solution became cumbersome for creating, editing, and distributing training content and lacked any insight into training effectiveness, learning completion rates, and employee engagement.

Transforming Frontline Worker Training 

In 2020, Jack in the Box sought a better way to train and enable its frontline employees. The main goal was to boost customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores with better frontline worker training for consistent performance for the company’s 2,240 quick-service restaurants across the U.S.

Taking a serious look at Inkling, the team at Jack in the Box found that mobile learning would enable workers to learn on the job, making training more seamless, efficient, and effective. Inkling’s content authoring tool would help the L&D team to crank out new training content as fast as the company needed in rolling out new menu items every couple of months. 

Despite their aggressive four-month migration timeline and the beginning of the global COVID pandemic, Jack in the Box launched the new “Jenius” platform, powered by Inkling, on schedule and achieved 100% adoption across all store locations.

Reaping Significant Cost Savings 

The new strategy with the Jenius platform resulted in a complete rebrand and refresh of all Jack in Box training content for training cost savings. Workers now spend less time on training because it’s accessible on any device, exactly when they need it, which translates to a significant reduction in labor costs. And in FY2023, Jack in the Box anticipates a reduction in printing costs since Jenius replaces all printed training materials. 

The results from implementing Inkling aren’t solely in cost savings. The L&D team is now able to deliver training to 60,000 employees in hours versus weeks. Inkling provides a collaborative content authoring tool that allows for digital content creation and editing, and mobile delivery—all on a single platform. 

Preparing for Whatever Comes Next

All of this happened during a global pandemic when a lot of companies were closing their doors and sending people home. Inkling enabled the training team and HR to send out clear, consistent communications about new protocols and training in response to COVID-19 with the click of a mouse. 

Front line workers now have an engaging, intuitive, and easy-to-use mobile learning experience. Because Inkling supports media-rich materials like embedded videos and images, training now feels modern and fun. The company also sees more efficient product launches and higher customer satisfaction scores, which puts Jack in the Box in a great place for whatever comes next. 

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