Jack in the Box Relies on a Modern Learning Solution to Train Frontline Workers

Jack in the Box Modern Learning Solution

We all know by now that things change on a dime. And with change, there can be a ton of variables companies have to manage and overcome. This was true for quick-serve restaurant giant, Jack in the Box, when the company realized it needed a new training strategy to keep frontline employee learning in pace with rapid change—and to drive business results like higher customer satisfaction scores. 

A Modern Learning Solution for Fast Times  

Like many companies in the restaurant industry, Jack in the Box didn’t want a “rip and replace” solution. It’s costly, time-consuming, and often doesn’t deliver the ROI that’s promised. What the company wanted was a modern learning solution that could be implemented alongside its existing systems and deliver fast, on-the-job, bite-sized chunks of training, anywhere on any device, that could be cranked out faster than in weeks or months. 

The L&D training team went with Inkling to enable employees to be more self-sufficient with training so managers could spend more time with customers, to reduce complexity both on the part of frontline workers and course authors. Another big goal was to speed up new employee proficiency as well as proficiency for all employees with new menu items. The company launches a minimum of six new menu items each year. That’s up to four new menu items with new ingredients, packaging, and preparation processes every two months.

A New Workforce Training Program for Rapid Change

The new training strategy resulted in a complete rebrand and refresh of all training content and created a single source of learning truth that’s easily accessible by frontline workers whenever they need it. Now the L&D team at Jack in the Box can create more impactful content, do it faster, and get it to frontline worker hands earlier. The company’s workforce training program can adapt to changing circumstances.

Restaurant managers no longer need to train new employees so they can spend more time with customers. And frontline employee learning is directly aligned to drive business results—with improved customer satisfaction scores. 

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