Frontline Training Solutions: 5 Reasons You Need One

Frontline Training Solution 5 Reasons You Need One blog image

With frontline training solutions, you get yourself an effective way to train employees, especially when combined with more traditional training. Nowadays, it’s powerful to have on-the-job learning rather than long-winded training sessions—which is why it’s so powerful for employees, and for L&D and HR professionals who need to get new employees up to speed quickly.

With frontline training solutions, you discover an EFFECTIVE way to train employees, especially when combined with traditional methods. In today’s fast-paced world, on-the-job learning is more powerful than ever. It’s beneficial for employees and crucial for L&D and HR professionals who need to get new hires up to speed quickly.

1. Faster Frontline Onboarding and Job Boarding

One of the key benefits of frontline training solutions is the reduced time it takes to deliver essential skills and knowledge, leading to faster onboarding. Quick, effective onboarding is vital in many industries.

Advantages of Frontline Training Solutions for Onboarding:

  • Bite-Sized Increments: Minimize operational disruption by providing training throughout the day.
  • Engaging Content Delivery: Utilize videos, simulations, infographics, and interactive graphics to create an engaging experience.
  • Immediate Application: Faster onboarding means better service delivery to customers.

2. Relevant, Up-to-Date Frontline Training Content

Bringing learning to employees at their point of need is imperative. Frontline training solutions like Inkling enable employees to apply training concepts directly to their jobs, improving overall performance.

Benefits of On-the-Job Learning:

    • Concrete Concepts: Training mapped to job outcomes makes learning more tangible.
    • 24/7 Access: Mobile availability ensures employees can refresh their knowledge anytime.
    • Rapid Content Updates: Quickly update and roll out fresh content without overhauling entire courses.
    • Non-Technical Content Creation: Enable non-technical staff to create content without coding knowledge.

3. Better Employee Training Retention

We all know that the longer it takes for employees to apply what they’ve learned, the harder it is to remember. Bite-sized learning reduces mental fatigue and boosts retention rates.

Research-Backed Strategies:

  • Mobile Learning: Increases retention rates as employees apply concepts on the job.
  • Spaced Repetition and Retrieval Practice: Moves information from short-term to long-term memory.

4. Increased Employee Engagement with Cross-Skilling, Reskilling, Upskilling

In today’s labor market, cross-skilling, reskilling, and upskilling are essentials, not luxuries. When training aligns with specific outcomes, employees trust the content more and feel more confident.

Engagement Techniques:

  • Shorter Learning Bursts: Employees engage more with training sessions lasting 7-11 minutes.
  • Quick Reference Material: Enables managers to swiftly train employees for new tasks.
  • Cross-Training: Provides employees with options to pick up more shifts, increasing retention.

5. Continuous Employee Learning and Skill Development

Operational training supports employees in acquiring new skills more efficiently. A LinkedIn report highlights that lack of time is a major obstacle to learning new skills—63% of Millennials and 58% of Gen Zers feel they lack the time for skill development.

Solutions for Continuous Learning:

  • Microlearning: Makes continuous learning a cultural norm and keeps employees satisfied.
  • Flexible Training: Allows learning to fit into busy schedules, encouraging skill development.

Cost-Effectiveness and Measurable Returns on Investment

Investing in frontline training solutions is not only beneficial for skills development but also cost-effective. Companies adopting these solutions see measurable ROI.

How Frontline Training Solutions Save Costs:

  • Reduced Turnover: Engaged and well-trained employees are more likely to stay.
  • Improved Efficiency: Faster onboarding and training reduce downtime.
  • Enhanced Performance: Better-trained employees perform at higher levels, boosting overall productivity.

Lucky for you, at Inkling we provide solutions that check all of the above boxes and more. Talk with one of Inkling’s experts today to learn more about how we can help solve your frontline problems!