Mission Critical Content: Drive the Learning Experience

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Is your organization struggling to give learners the engaging content they need? It’s not just about the delivery platform, but also what you’re delivering. Without personalized and captivating content, retention and employee outcomes suffer. That’s why 36% of companies are boosting their learning content budgets. Don’t focus solely on delivery – make sure your mission-critical content and communication are up to par.

To demonstrate how closely content is tied to learning success, here are five facets of content that every organization must understand.

1. Learning Content Development

Let’s face it, making personalized learning material can put a dent in the budget. Some organizations shell out over $30,000 for a single eLearning course – no wonder they’re cautious about letting go of their hard-earned content.

But here’s the catch – all of that valuable custom content is just gathering dust in outdated formats. Nearly 80% of it is stuck in eLearning systems, PowerPoints, PDFs, and printed materials. Unfortunately, most of it is irrelevant now and can cause confusion for learners. Let’s say goodbye to old and inaccessible content that’s not fit for modern learning experiences, and hello to new and exciting ways to engage learners!

2. What Is Mission-Critical Content?

Breaking down training into “corporate” and “operational” learning helps identify essential content for your workforce. Corporate learning covers foundational skills, while operational learning focuses on business execution and its impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and organizational risk.

Both types of learning aim to improve each learner’s skills and capabilities. That’s why it’s vital that mission-critical content goes beyond simple knowledge sharing. It also needs to enhance learners’ ability to apply their new knowledge on the job and develop expertise. Achieving this requires microlearning to reinforce capabilities and blend learning with practical experience.

3. Learning Needs, Content, and Delivery Are Misaligned

Did you know that 80% of today’s workforce isn’t desk-bound? Yet, shockingly, only 1% of enterprise software funding caters to their needs. This means that many employees miss out on the learning opportunities they need to grow in their roles.

Believe it or not, most organizations still rely on in-person classroom training (96%) while only 39% offer mobile learning delivery. Unfortunately, this leaves important content stuck in binders, LMSs, and classrooms, rather than in employees’ hands when they need it most. If organizations want to fully benefit from learning, mission-critical communication must be readily accessible for easy review and reference during the workday.

4. Measurement

Custom content is a game-changer. It showcases your organization’s unique knowledge and lets you measure the impact of learning on important metrics like customer satisfaction, sales growth, and cost savings. It’s no surprise that companies with faster productivity, lower turnover, and higher engagement all share one thing in common – they use modern learning methods. Video learning is the most impactful tool (79%), with practice and application opportunities ranking as the biggest overall game-changer (82%). If you want to elevate your organization’s performance, start investing in custom content and modern learning methods today.

5. The Business Value of Mission-Critical Learning

Have you heard that companies are achieving actual business success by focusing on developing their skills? And the secret to creating cool, modern content? Follow these three basic ideas:

1. Make it easy to learn by keeping a consistent style and structure
2. Keep it interesting by adding interactive elements
3. Be innovative and adapt content for digital delivery

After you’ve made custom content, keep the momentum going by optimizing every step of the content lifecycle, from working together on digital content to making sure people retain what they’ve learned and measured the impact of the content.

It’s crystal clear that measurable business success depends on equipping your learners with the tools to access and review important content right on the job, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. And when it comes to making the most of mobile devices, mission-critical content is the magic ingredient that can turn them into powerful learning tools. Want to learn more about delivering this essential content?

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