Can your PDF do that?

It’s time to replace traditional documents with engaging, interactive content that is easy to create, mobile-optimized, and always up to date.

The Challenge with PDFs:

Why spend time and energy creating documents, while losing the opportunity to engage with and capture the attention of your audience? Traditional documents and PDFs pose multiple challenges for the modern enterprise:

They’re static and non-interactive

They render poorly on mobile devices

They’re not measurable or trackable

They become outdated as soon as you hit send or save

The Inkling Solution:

With Inkling, you can create documents that are:



Always up to date


Inkling helps your content become more engaging and dynamic. Create interactive quizzes, charts, and graphs, embed videos, and include rich, third-party elements like 3-D objects and simulations for even greater user engagement.


Inkling content automatically adjusts from a smartphone to a PC screen, without you having to hire a tech team or outsource a developer. Your users will always have a great experience with your content, across any device.

Always current

When it comes to traditional documents, making minor changes—like content updates and fixing typos—can have major costs. With Inkling, every update you make is instantly pushed to every user and device, so your team is enabled for success.

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