Goodbye, static documents and PDF.
Hello, measurable results.

Learn about the features of the Inkling platform, and how it can revolutionize the way you create, share, and measure content in the enterprise.

Reading Experience

Inkling content is modern, up to date, and media-rich, with interactivity and searchability built in.

Reading Experience


Inkling content automatically adjusts from a smartphone to a PC screen, with no additional work required. This built-in responsiveness ensures legibility, appropriate formatting, and a great user experience across devices.


Because Inkling provides a cloud infrastructure to power your content, you can easily stream or download videos, use high-resolution images, embed fonts, and even render rich 3rd party interactive elements, like 3D objects or simulations.

Reflowable HTML5

Inkling uses only the most modern content standards, namely HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This means your content is portable to other systems, is future-proof, and will benefit from millions of developers globally who continually improve and extend the standards.

Offline Access

Our mobile apps ensure you always have access to your documents, online or offline. User interactions are cached, and updates are applied once the device connects to the Internet. It’s seamless for everyone reading the content. And for everyone creating it.


HTML5 is the world’s most searchable format and the basis for our platform. Unlike PDFs, which have no underlying data structure, Inkling content is consistently tagged and structured for fast, effective search results, which are easily understandable in-context. This brings a whole new level of usefulness to everything from brochures to technical reference docs.

Current Version

Ever experience the frustration of not knowing if you have the most recent specs, collateral, or price list? Not a problem with Inkling. There’s no need to worry about outdated versions. Inkling content is updated instantly in the cloud, as changes occur, so your whole team is always on the same page.


Inkling’s built-in widgets help your content become more engaging and dynamic. You can even extend the system to include custom elements for everything from interactive charts and graphs to entertaining assessments and beyond.

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