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Take a Tour of Inkling

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Inkling is for the curious. Ready to explore your new Inkling book? Here are some tips and hints to help you get started. Roll over the icons to learn more, and click on the image thumbnails to see real examples.

  • Explore Chapters and Cards

    Tap or click a cover in your Library, and scrolling lists of chapters and cards appear. Cards surface each chapter’s main ideas, with important themes and interactive elements highlighted for easy access.

    Swipe or scroll left and right to navigate between chapters, cards and content, or navigate up and down to move within each area.

  • Mark Up and Search Your Title

    Tap or click and hold anywhere in the text, and your favorite study tools—highlighting, notes, and copying—pop up. Also try adding notes to any card, like a quiz or video. On iPad, your notebook saves these notes, your bookmarks, and anything you’ve starred in one searchable study guide. On the web, it’s easy to see your annotations on the right side of the browser window.

    Need to find a specific page or want to learn more about something? Search your book, notes, and the web. You can even star web links.

  • Test What You Know

    Check out self-study tools built right into the content, both in the chapter and at the end. Hide the labels of a Test Yourself diagrams until you tap and reveal the answer.

    Look for interactive quizzes at the end of every chapter, each designed to help you study better, faster. Many questions provide feedback on right or wrong answers.

  • Use Multimedia Goodies

    Look for blue icons to show you where multimedia and enhanced content live. Tap or click through and experience why this is no ordinary book.

    Drag your finger or mouse along a Slideline to bring a flat process to life, and tap or click through a Hotspot for an in-depth look. Multi-sensory learning continues with integrated videos, audio and more.

  • Find and Share Notes

    With Inkling, your book now includes the world’s best study group. Follow your peers, professors, experts or anyone else using the same book, and see their notes and highlights in real time in your book.

    Contribute to discussions by adding comments and starring the comments you find useful. At the top of every card, see what discussions are going on and find new threads and users with suggested discussions.

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