Inkling Learning Pathways Redefines Structured Learning for the Modern Workforce

Mobile-First Solution Gives Employees Convenient Access to Structured and Unstructured Learning and Certification in the Flow of Work

SAN FRANCISCO — October 23, 2019 – Inkling, a modern learning platform, is changing the way employees learn and earn certifications by supporting both structured and unstructured microlearning. With Inkling Learning Pathways, Inkling supports the end-to-end needs of employers and learners, giving them the tools they need to power mission-critical business processes in the flow of work. Key use cases include employee onboarding; sales enablement; continuing education and refreshing knowledge on products, policies and standard operating procedures; and obtaining the required skills and certifications learners need to advance.

“Today’s employers need more flexibility to meet the training and certification needs of their employees – whether they’re on the front lines in customer-facing roles or in the back office,” said Jeff Carr, Former CEO of Inkling. “With Inkling Learning Pathways, we’re making it easy for employers to combine and repurpose Inkling’s engaging, interactive digital content and user-friendly access with other types of learning content to build learning plans and support broader curriculums with a formal assignment and sign-off model. By giving employees and managers one central place for structured and unstructured learning, we’re making it simple to build flexible collections of learning goals and steps that learners need to get onboarded quickly, acquire new skills and advance to new positions to support career growth.”

Inkling Learning Pathways is a modern learning platform through which users can create content once, then reuse it for many purposes – from quick reference and microlearning, to structured, multi-step courses designed for formal certifications with an assignment and sign-off model to track completions. Inkling enables companies to pull certification and compliance-related content out of traditional LMS, eliminating the need to spend time in the back office tethered to desktop computers by making it accessible anytime, anywhere and in the flow of work on mobile devices.

By combining microlearning and existing standards-based learning content that traditionally lives in an LMS, like AICC, cmi5, SCORM and xAPI, Inkling fosters creation of blended learning pathways on specific topics or for new employee onboarding, skill development and career advancement. Inkling Learning Pathways also supports comprehensive reporting and tracking of course completion at the team and aggregate company levels. Among the features are:

  • Guided training that will navigate employees step-by-step through their learning with an easy-to-use interface that shows them what they need to do.
  • Learning paths that provide flexible collections of learning goals including assignments, classroom training, videos, webinars, and self-paced learning components for both structured and unstructured learning.
  • Gated steps that enable trainers and administrators to lock access to subsequent learning steps until existing ones are successfully completed.
  • Trainer & manager sign-off to increase accountability across training programs. Trainers can track and verify trainee skills by simply passing a mobile device back and forth, eliminating the need for multiple log-ons, navigation challenges and several approval emails.
  • Targeted assignments that enable either centralized learning departments or managers to assign learning pathways to individuals, groups or an entire team at that same time.
  • Role-based dashboards that enable learners to track their progress on assigned courses, managers to track their teams’ learning progress, and robust analytics that give learning departments the big picture on learning completion and learner readiness across the organization.

“With the release of Inkling Learning Pathways, Inkling is building a very strong end-to-end modern learning platform that provides collaborative authoring tools, as well as the ability to create and reuse content in different learning situations, and manage structured and unstructured microlearning through a modern, consumer-grade user experience,” said Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer and principal HCM analyst at Brandon Hall Group. “Inkling Learning Pathways is an important step forward to help organizations bring certification and compliance out of the back office. This has the potential to be a real game-changer for the learning industry.”

“We have always found Inkling’s ability to deliver bite-sized microlearning to our employees very powerful,” said Jason Morgan, Director, Learning and Development at Hikvision USA. “Now with the ability to reuse previously created content and structure it into defined courses, we expect an even greater impact on business efficiency and performance. For example, we recently began work on a facilitator guide by collaborating with SMEs. Inkling Learning Pathways will enable us to create content once, but use it for multiple purposes, including quick reference microlearning and courses for onboarding new employees.”

About Inkling

Inkling is a mobile learning enablement platform designed for distributed workforces. Inkling brings together learning and doing to improve the employee experience from day one and every day after that by delivering mobile, effortless access to the training and resources they need to be successful in their role. Leading brands trust Inkling to help them efficiently onboard employees, ensure continued performance enablement and successfully execute corporate initiatives while providing new levels of visibility into critical operating metrics. Founded in 2009 Inkling is based in San Francisco, Calif. For more information, visit

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