SAN FRANCISCO — February  16, 2021Inkling, a global leader in digital learning solutions, today announced important new enhancements to its industry-leading native mobile app that will ensure remote employees and field workers have easier access to the most up-to-date, mission-critical knowledge and training, whether online or offline. Offering familiar, intuitive mobile features, voice commands and intelligent search capabilities, the Inkling mobile app makes it easy for workers to find the information they need, when they need it, improving learning velocity and retention.

“Fast, reliable communications and content distribution is now even more critical for organizations with distributed workforces and those who have individuals regularly working from home or remotely. With Inkling, you can put this information in the palm of employees’ hands, regardless of where they are,” said Former Inkling CEO Jeff Carr. “Our native mobile app improves the modern learner experience, ensuring that teams have access to current, accurate knowledge and visual content required to do their jobs with ease and excellence.”

Available for iOS and Android, the Inkling mobile app already provides organizations with access to on-demand content and learning libraries, enabling them to update and share resources in an engaging way for employees to use in the flow of work. The app is built using responsive design, so training material, videos and SCORM content embedded in the app will resize automatically for optimal viewing on any size screen. The Inkling mobile app also offers intelligent search capabilities, allowing employees to use familiar voice commands to find key topics of interest.

In this latest release, Inkling’s mobile app makes it even easier to get mission-critical learning and content out to remote workers who rely on their mobile devices. The new features focus on providing better control over access to information, while making it easier for mobile learners to access content in situations where it might be hard to scroll, type and browse in more traditional ways:

  • Geofencing: For organizations that are concerned about security and employees accessing content when they are “off the clock,” Geofencing enables organizations to control where their employees are able to access company documents based on an address and a defined radius.
  • Voice Commands: Users can easily find and access content by searching for content in the app, hands-free, by using specific voice commands.
  • QR Code Reader: When repairing or servicing equipment, field employees often need to reference content for specific devices. Now they can scan a QR or barcode on the piece of equipment and easily access the needed technical or reference content.

With easy access via any mobile device, Inkling makes it possible to move learning from the classroom and back office into the real world in the flow of work. By blending formal and just-in-time informal learning, Inkling offers an experience that improves knowledge retention and helps employees get up-to-speed faster.

Regardless of location, employees can always stay connected and confident. Offline capabilities give employees access to the content even when internet access is limited or unavailable, such as high-security locations or remote areas. Once internet access is restored, all content is automatically updated to ensure availability of the most current information.

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Inkling is a leading, global, modern learning platform designed for today’s learners and today’s work. The company delivers your most critical knowledge to your people in the flow of work, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With easy content authoring, simplified learning paths, a modern learning experience, and meaningful insights, Inkling’s modern operational learning platform delivers learning flawlessly and with simplicity. Named a Hot Vendor™ and Leader in Strategy for Learning by Aragon Research and a Training Industry Top 20™ Training Delivery Company, Inkling also has earned several Excellence in Technology and Human Capital Management and Innovation awards from Brandon Hall Group. Leading brands trust Inkling to help them efficiently onboard employees, ensure continued performance enablement, and successfully execute corporate initiatives while providing new levels of visibility into critical operating metrics. Founded in 2009, Inkling is based in San Francisco.

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