Connect your workforce to the knowledge they need—anytime, anywhere.

Product Overview
Engaging. Mobile-Friendly. Searchable.


Build interactive, living, mobile documents that make it easy for teams to find and use the exact information they need.



Securely distribute the right knowledge to the right people at the right time, and rest assured your content is up-to-date and accessible on any device.



Collect usage data to help you assess—and improve—the performance of your content, from page views to time spent on each page.

Inkling brings the ease and familiarity of mobile technology to the workplace. Here’s how:

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Enable anytime, anywhere access to knowledge.

  • Searchable library helps your teams find the exact information they need
  • Responsive content offers a usable, interactive, engaging experience across devices
  • Online or offline access to mission-critical content
Single source of truth

Provide a single source of truth.

  • Version control allows authors and end users to edit and access the same document, reducing the risk of misinformation
  • HMTL-based platform prevents users from viewing stale and outdated content
  • Easy, single click updates ensures your workforce has up-to-date, accurate information
share knowledge quickly

Share knowledge quickly and securely.

  • Roles-based documents allow you to assign and define which people view your content
  • Gated HTML-based content protects your IP by eliminating undesired downloads
  • Cloud hosting provides secure, anytime access
professional-grade content

Create professional-grade content yourself.

  • Build and edit HTML-based content with an intuitive user interface—no technical skills required
  • Integrate videos, text, guides, and more into a searchable, engaging experience for the end user
  • Leverage existing use case templates and widgets with drag-and-drop simplicity, for interactive, modern content
collborative authoring

Provide a collaborative authoring environment.

  • Track changes made among team members with our comprehensive workflow
  • Quickly review, comment, and assign tasks, all within the platform
  • Refer back to your content version history for compliance and/or auditing needs
Measure what's working

Measure what’s working (and what isn’t).

  • Gain insight into how your content is being used, and which pieces are being viewed or skipped
  • Leverage our analytics to help you understand how to best improve your content
  • Export results to your favorite business intelligence tool for comprehensive data analysis

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