Field Coordination

Get your team on the same page.

Gain efficiency and focus

Enable leaders in the management chain to spend their time developing people and plans rather than chasing the status of projects.

With Inkling, managers have up-to-the minute visibility with “status checks” that verify task completion across their locations. And the task completion tracker, shared across the district, holds underperforming stores accountable for keeping up.

When managers have visibility into field execution at their fingertips, they are empowered to allocate resources more efficiently. Inkling provides the information they need to make the right decisions.

Take control of the conversation

For tech-savvy managers who want to be connected at all times through mobile devices, consumer applications beckon.

Managers may use unsanctioned messaging apps to chat with team members and assign tasks. These consumer applications skirt existing infrastructure and introduce risk.

With Inkling, group messaging is secure, and leaders easily stay in sync with their teams – imparting critical information and answering questions that can stall work. Group-based and role-based messaging provides seamless communication between employees, field leadership, and headquarters, which eliminates the need for email or printouts.

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Deliver Interactive Reference Guides to Store Employees

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