HQ-to-Field Communication

Get your team up to speed and on task.

Streamline communications from corporate

With inventory updates, seasonal changes, and compliance needs, businesses must keep their employees up-to-date on the most current information.

If workers need to be pulled off the floor for face-to-face meetings or given paper printouts to pass around, you never know if everyone has received important information and if changes are being implemented.

When workers have mobile access, including shared devices, communications and bulletins from headquarters can arrive directly in their hands. With mobile alerts that persist until dismissed, email delays are removed, and visibility into readership and execution is provided. Business leaders can feel confident that everyone is informed about important changes.

Bring procedures to life

Workers want content that is interactive (think: flashcards, images, videos, and quizzes) and can be consumed in bite-sized pieces for easy retention. Also, with a mobile solution like Inkling, onboarding and training can be conducted shoulder-to-shoulder or in context of the workplace, which creates engagement and improves learning.

Digitizing content saves both time and money. With operational content online, employees have access whenever the need arises, and content creators can make adjustments and edits with the simple click of a button.

operations enablement lockup

Measure for success

Everyone knows why onboarding and training new employees is important—to ensure quality customer service, maintenance of your brand, and compliance with regulatory and safety standards—but how do you measure if your onboarding is successful?

With easy-to-create quizzes and interactive elements built into the content, metrics tells you exactly how well employees are comprehending and engaging with product, policy, and procedural information.

Refinement to onboarding and training processes is easier when you have knowledge about what’s working and what could use improvement.


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