In-store Execution

Focus your team on the highest-value work

Transform how you manage your team

Inkling enables district and store teams to rapidly respond to in-store realities by combining their understanding of corporate priorities with their awareness of the local environment. As a result, employees spend their time on the most impactful activities, eliminating wasted work and reducing labor spend. With Inkling, shared task lists and real-time notices are provided on a single platform. Managers have the ability to easily assign and monitor tasks, and associates can raise their hands and take accountability for getting work done. Field leaders and corporate offices provide stores with context about why various directives matter and have visibility into what’s getting accomplished.
in-store execution

Clarify in-store priorities

Focus your frontline workers on the most important tasks by providing shared, prioritized lists that give them the power to volunteer for the most important items—even without management direction. Inkling allows team leads to prioritize and assign action items created by corporate, district managers, and store managers. This ensures the most important work gets done first and by the most appropriate resource.
store execution tasks

Leverage tribal knowledge

When stores see each other’s progress, public accountability pushes better performance. And when task confirmations include photo verification, best practices are shared. This crowdsourcing raises quality across locations. Inkling’s group messaging allows associates to quickly surface issues and get answers, thus avoiding idle time. And when frontline workers are informed and included, they are more motivated and capable to do their best work.
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