On the Job Training and Reference

Get it right, every time.

Control the message

Your brand should be represented consistently by employees with the carefully chosen words that corporate selected. Every prospective or current customer should hear a perfectly articulated description of your products or services. Does that sound like an idealized world? Do you worry about the consequences of the wrong information being relayed?

Then it’s time to turn operational consistency into your business reality. Companies that operate with a distributed workforce can have a unified message, no matter how often it gets updated. With mobile on the job training and reference, every employee accesses the most up-to-date versions of corporate knowledge and messaging at all times, no matter where job functions are performed. With a powerful search engine, it’s easy to find content. No excuses.

Streamline On the Job Training

When creating and distributing content, old-school methods such as printing and shipping paper binders are time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective. Employees don’t have an easy method to search through these materials, and access is never at the time of need, which is often in front of customers or prospective clients.

Digitizing content saves both time and money. With all operational content online, employees have access whenever the need arises, and content creators can make adjustments and edits with the simple click of a button. Instant updates mean that business operations are seamless, employees are alerted to new information, and expenses are reduced. Win-win-win.

Metrics for everyone

The challenge with sending operational guides, selling tactics, strategic initiatives, product information, and alerts on paper, in emails, or as PDF files is that you never get feedback or metrics on what’s been read and by whom, let alone if there’s any correlation between the information and the results.

The best way to figure out what’s working is to track data and metrics across locations and employees. When you can see which locations are doing better than others or which employees have reviewed materials, you can analyze what content works and what needs improvement based on real numbers and outcomes, not guesses.


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