Internal Communications

Upgrade your megaphone to reach your employees.

Seasons change

For many stores, inventory turns over on a regular basis based on seasonal changes, holidays, or simply a need to entice customers with new items. Without a seamless method to inform and educate all employees on how to display and sell, the value of revolving products may be overlooked or lost.

However, persistent mobile access to the most up-to-date product information gives employees exactly the information they need. While one-off memos or morning meetings may be forgotten or missed, employees have no excuses if product and brand information is always accessible in the palm of their hands.

Save some green

Think about the expenses associated with printing and shipping internal communications to your stores and employees. Now ponder how quickly that information becomes outdated, not to mention the inability to know whether it’s even read and utilized.

Your budget (and the environment) will be more lush when internal communications are no longer printed but instead are digitized for your employees. With the ability to track what content is being read, you’ll know exactly who has viewed the updates and can rest assured that the right information is being communicated to customers.

There’s an app for that

Paper communications can be misplaced and are hard to sort through to find information. PDFs aren’t any better, as versioning and searches across files create headaches, especially with a copious amount of content.

Employees who have a single place to search for information are more empowered to do their jobs with accuracy and precision. The best way to provide those capabilities is through a mobile app with up-to-date and searchable content. A warning, though: employees may feel flush with power and knowledge. Try to keep up.


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