On July 24, Join Our Webinar About Better Digital Content Creation

As technology evolves, so too have our options for publishing. Today, we content creators distribute products across a range of devices, making for an exciting, albeit challenging, moment in the world of digital content. The question becomes: how do we keep up with the technological demands and constraints for each new device and format, while still keeping our true focus on producing beautiful content?

Our upcoming webinar, “5 Must-Ask Questions for Creating Successful Digital Content,” on Thursday, July 24 at 11am PST addresses that dilemma by helping content producers set the right framework for more efficient and effective digital content production. Based on years of working with some of the world’s leading publishers, such as Pearson and Elsevier, we’ve developed a rubric for ensuring success with just about any content production.

Specifically, this webinar will show you how to:

  • Produce content that you can publish anywhere
  • Develop more efficient and effective workflows for digital products
  • Implement the increasingly important concept of “structured authoring.”

Our host, Nate Gillespie, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table from his experience managing the content architecture team at Inkling and, prior to joining the company in 2011, leading content production at an educational website.

For more information, and to sign-up for the webinar, please visit our sign-up page. During the webinar, weigh in with your comments and questions on Twitter with #Ink5Qs. We’ll be tweeting live updates during the event and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!