On September 24, Join Our Webinar on the Three Elements of Modern Publishing

What’s the only thing more enticing than great content? Free content. And that’s exactly where readers are headed, onto the web and on their devices to digest mediocre–but free–content. So how can publishers compete in this age of information overload, where readers expect easy-to-access digital content at their fingertips?

In our upcoming webinar, “People, Processes, Software: The Three Elements of Modern Publishing,” Inkling’s Founder and CEO Matt MacInnis and Kaplan Publishing’s president and publisher Maureen McMahon will discuss what the industry has been doing right, what it’s been doing wrong, and how publishers will win the digital-first future. In particular, they’ll share emerging best practices on how aligning your people, products, and processes around a new, superior reading experience will empower publishers to compete with free, “good enough” content online. Specifically, this webinar will show you how to:

  • Implement the right suite of software solutions
  • Build products that can compete with the free content market
  • Increase speed to market with more agile product workflows

Our hosts, Inkling Founder and CEO Matt MacInnis and Kaplan Publishing president Maureen McMahon, bring a wealth of insider information about today’s publishing industry, as well the trends that point toward its future. For more information, and to sign-up for the webinar, please visit our sign-up page. During the webinar, weigh in with your comments and questions on Twitter with #InkModPub. We’ll be tweeting live updates during the event and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!