Ask an Inkblot: Darren Wong, Interactive Designer

unnamedDarren with his sister, Sarah, at Lake Louise, Alberta

Where are you from?

Kailua, Hawaii

Why did you join Inkling?

The first time I saw the website, I was drawn to the illustrations. They explained what Inkling did very well (which, at the time, was digital textbooks). Today, I’m excited to continue finding new ways to tell the Inkling story.


What do you do?

I work on the design team and am responsible for upholding Inkling’s brand, both externally and internally.

What has been your proudest moment at Inkling?

As an intern, one of my first projects was creating a small favicon for a new product called Inkling Habitat (which has since become the foundation of Inkling’s business). The favicon that I created eventually became the logo for the entire product!


What do you do in your spare time?

I like experimenting with new recipes, and started a blog called “Rad Dishes” to document each dish that I make. I also like making websites that are about Drake, Wes Anderson, and Beyonce.

What’s your favorite book?

Shape of Design by Frank Chimero

What do you love about working at Inkling?

I’m surrounded by creative and hard-working people who motivate and inspire me everyday. I’ve also been given the freedom to work on many different projects, which makes work exciting and helps me grow as a designer.