New Product Update: Mobile Browser Support

Inkling Habitat has long been one of the best-in-class tools out there to create stunning content and distribute it to mobile devices. Our extensive suite of native apps have been downloaded over a million times worldwide. But when we talked more to our customers and end users, we learned that mobile apps are great… but not enough.

Mobile apps alone are not unlocking the full value of the platform for two reasons: 1) while everyone has a phone or tablet device nowadays, it does not mean that everyone wants to download an app, 2) deploying a native app to a company of employees can often come with a laborious IT approval process, which can delay the most important  need–getting valuable content to employees right away.

Inkling Readers Now Support Mobile Web Browsers

This month, Inkling is excited to announce that our readers support mobile web browsers! This means that your content can now reach any tablet or mobile device, from the latest generation Apple iPad to a corporate-issued Windows Phone.

For people already familiar with Habitat and our readers, you may barely notice the difference. Your Habitat content is already “mobile ready” since it was built to reflow beautifully across any screen size from the start. When an end user loads the title from a tablet or mobile browser, they will now see a smarter book player that morphs how it appears based on the screen size and orientation of the device; if the screen gets too small, the Table of Content simply closes and can be reopened the content as needed.


This launch is even more exciting when paired with an update to our reporting dashboard. Two new charts allow you to see at a glance how people are interacting with your content across different device types and screen sizes so that you can see which channels are proving most popular.


What’s Next:

This feature is rolling out to all customers over the next few weeks.  On the horizon, we hope to equip end users with even more efficient ways to get to the content they need most, like the ability to share a title with a coworker or link directly into the native app to continue reading.  This feature launch is another step in our bigger story to enable content creation teams to build content once in Habitat and distribute it to any device with the click of a button.

For more information on how the Inkling platform can help you and your team optimize your content’s efficacy, contact our sales team today for a demo!