Gartner Catalyst Conference 2015: Taking Modern IT By Storm

What’s top of mind at Gartner Catalyst 2015? Mobile devices and cloud-based software.

In sessions such as “How to Create a Mobile Strategy” and “Cloud-First Strategies are the Foundation for Your Digital Business,” it’s clear that these new frontiers are both a challenge and a huge opportunity for businesses big and small. We’re excited to be attending this year, and sharing how Inkling’s cloud-based authoring platform takes these challenges (and opportunities) head on.

We believe that when it comes to mobile content, whether that’s training materials or sales enablement, IT departments should be able to give their business the flexibility they need, without cutting corners on security.

Free Resources for Gartner Catalyst Attendees:

To share with Gartner Catalyst attendees a little more about how we think about creating and distributing mobile content through an IT lens, we’ve created two free guides. They explain the hurdles that today’s IT departments are up against, and why an end-to-end platform is essential to manage business risk across devices. Happy reading, and enjoy this year’s conference!

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