What Do the Best-Performing Sales Teams Look Like?

Training is an ongoing process for every sales team, as it helps to keep performance high. But getting everyone in a room on a regular basis can be a challenge when your team is constantly on-the-go. Today’s sales teams are more mobile than ever, thanks to growing technology that makes it possible to stay connected from anywhere. Here’s how to keep your team performing at their best, whether they’re on the road, in the office, or traveling between meetings.

Mobile sales teams

Sales teams rarely work in one place anymore, and it’s vital to your team’s success that you keep connected with them despite that. Give your employees the tools that they need to succeed wherever they are, whether that’s on the road, at home, or on the sales floor. Keep your team functioning while they go mobile by giving them access to tablets or smartphones loaded with cloud-based content software that they can use to skim training materials on-the-go. 60% of high-performing sales teams already utilize mobile devices, so make sure they have access for the most accurate and up- to- date information, from anywhere.

Just-in-time content

Time is of the essence when your team members are in the middle of an important sales dialogue, and it’s easy to lose a sale because you’ve spent too much time digging for answers to a difficult question. Minimize the amount of time that your team spends in search of information by giving them access to just-in-time content. Use interactive, easily searchable content so that your team can easily pull up what they need with the use of a quick keyword search. This keeps the sales conversation flowing naturally with as few breaks as possible, ensuring that the buyer feels that she’s talking to an expert who wants to take care of her pain points.

Always-fresh information

Keep your team in-the-know with cloud-based eLearning content that you can update at a moment’s notice. Traditional training materials such as binders and PDFs just aren’t effective anymore. These tools become outdated quickly and leave you with no easy, cost-effective way to update them. Instead, use a cloud-based content service that lets you update your reference material as soon as it needs to be. Products and brand messaging change and evolve constantly, and your front-facing sales team needs that information instantaneously to ensure that they are representing the company and the product accurately.

Customizable sales materials

Chances are that each member of your team has his own strengths and responsibilities when it comes to product expertise and potential buyers. Be sure that every team member has access to the right product information by customizing your sales materials for each employee, and even each prospect.

Don’t let your team waste valuable time stumbling over irrelevant information. With the right tools, they can zero in on customized content and avoid information overload.

With the right tools, they can zero in on customized content and avoid information overload.

Valuable data

The right cloud-based content solution allows you to measure how your sales materials and eLearning content performs so that you know where you need to improve.

57% of high-performing sales teams use analytics to predict and measure success in a variety of areas, including training. Measure your content’s relevancy at the page level with an HTML-powered solution that features real-time analytics. Keep an eye on metrics such as page views, unique visits, time spent on pages, and how much of each page readers tend to complete. Know who’s accessing your content and which content proves the most useful to your team.

Know which content proves the most useful to your team.

Don’t be afraid to go back as many times as you need to in order to revise and optimize your materials. There’s always an opportunity for improvement.

There’s always an opportunity for improvement.

All of these solutions can be implemented seamlessly, giving your sales team the tools that they need to perform at their very best. Open up new opportunities for your sales team in 2016.

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