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Inkling’s Predictions for 2016 Featured by CLO Magazine

Mobile technology in 2015 brought us new advantages to better optimize our lives in fitness, home efficiency, travel, and transportation. In 2016, more content and more opportunities to attain new knowledge will present themselves, and organizations must optimize that content for best use. So how can businesses utilize new technology to customize content for better mobility, efficiency, retainment, and data?   

Inkling’s VP of Product, Will Doolittle, has laid out his ideas for how the mobile tech capabilities of 2016 will allow organizations to best optimize content for learning and development (L&D), corporate training, and sales enablement. In 2016, companies will tighten the knowledge supply chain, harness data, increase reporting, and understand ROI better than ever.

To find out how, read the full article linked below, as published by CLO Magazine online:

Welcome 2016: The Year of Optimized Knowledge

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