Take Advantage of Mobile Technology to Maximize Agent and Broker Performance

Many insurers managed to weather the Great Recession only to be faced with an entirely different—and, in many ways, bigger—problem: disruptive technologies and multi-channel competitors changing the insurance distribution model.

In today’s market—as a result of technology and the customized customer experience it offers—customers demand more from their providers, and these legacy providers must adapt to stay ahead of direct-to-consumer models. As Ernst & Young writes, “From anytime, any-device digital delivery to customized services, today’s diverse insurance customers will demand flexible solutions that go beyond one-size-fits-all product offerings.”

So how can insurance companies minimize the effects of a highly competitive environment? While many hope to grow their product lines and expand distribution channels to earn more revenue, insurers can also increase their operational efficiency, resulting in higher policy sales per employee. Inkling’s all-in-one content creation and distribution platform offers three easy ways to maximize agent and broker performance.

Three ways to increase operational efficiency.

1. Get more out of your agents.

As profits become tighter, it’s more important than ever for insurers to evaluate their spending habits and control costs—especially with regards to employment.

Inkling streamlines the sales process and arms agents with key assets when and where they need it. Distribute accurate and up-to-date policy information to your agents with a click of a button, and give them the knowledge they need to match clients with the best policies. Inkling also decreases the amount of time it takes to search for product brochures, customer profiles, and more.  With immediate access to their knowledge library from their desktop browser or their mobile device, agents no longer have to sift through heavy paper binders or cluttered online storage solutions. Now your company can ramp up agents even faster by giving them a platform that maximizes their opportunities for success.

2. Increase broker mindshare.

Insurance companies are only as good as their employees, especially their brokers. As brokers work with more than one insurer, organizations must find creative ways to keep their policy offerings top of mind. And with millennials flooding the brokerage field, insurance companies must adapt their educational approaches to appeal to a mobile-first generation.

Inkling increases broker mindshare on high-profile products with our unique Inkdoc™, delivering engaging, dynamic educational material that is accessible on their device of choice—whether online or offline. This not only gives them the right knowledge at the right time, but helps to differentiate your company and its offerings with embedded interactive content, like a video or timeline.

3. Minimize risk and liability.

With every product launch, agents are expected to memorize countless details around premiums, coverage, exclusions, and limitations. However, what insurers don’t realize is that even with endless trainings, only half of the information they learned can be recalled after the first six weeks.

Minimize the risk of employee misinformation by differentiating what needs to be memorized and what doesn’t. The risks of misinformation extend beyond confused or lost customers: “If the broker was responsible for the misrepresentations, the broker may face liability to the insured,” according the the American Bar Association.

Encourage agents to access policy details from their desktop and mobile devices at the point of need, eliminating the risk of brokers communicating inaccurate information to clients with Inkling. Deliver the latest version of content and provide a single source of truth around critical policy details.

Ensure the success of your insurance business.

When steep competition makes profitability a challenge, it’s up to companies to optimize their business operations so that they can deliver positive business results. With Inkling, insurers can increase the productivity of their workforce by streamlining the way policies are sold. Minimize agent and broker inefficiency by bringing greater attention to key policies with engaging, interactive content.