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Building a Confident and Competent Workforce with Love’s

With over 450 locations across 41 states, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores serve over 1.36 million customers every day. Love’s is a destination for the traveling public and professional drivers alike, with offerings from gasoline and snacks to roadside assistance and inspections. These diverse offerings mean that training their 20,000+ employees is a challenging task.

On Wednesday, April 18th at 11 am PDT, Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis is hosting a live webinar with Eric Roth, Head of Learning and Development at Love’s, to discuss how they are transforming the way employees learn.

Before Inkling

Prior to Inkling, Love’s was experiencing high turnover. After compiling exit surveys, the company found that the main reason for leaving was that employees could not find the right information to do their jobs. If an employee could not remember how to complete a task, it would take them longer to get access to the manager’s office to look up the answer than to complete the task. This led to tasks being executed incorrectly or not completed at all. Not to mention, this caused employees to spend valuable time off the store floor.

Mobile Job Aids

In order to standardize operations and maintain brand consistency, Love’s turned to mobile-ready training guides that would keep their 20,000+ employees on the store floor. The hands-on and easy to access training and job aides are building a more confident and competent workforce, which they expect to decrease employee turnover and increase customer retention.

Coffee Hour with Love’s

Want to hear more on Love’s success with Inkling? On April 18th at 11 am PDT, join Eric and Matt as they discuss how Love’s implemented Inkling’s mobile enablement platform to decrease employee turnover and increase customer retention. Register for our live Coffee Hour Webinar with Love’s to learn how you too can transform your training program!


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