On-demand learning delivers speed and agility in uncertain times

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The entire world has been thrown into a collective tailspin when COVID-19 morphed into a global pandemic. Together, we are living through an unprecedented crisis that is rife with uncertainty.

As technology-enabled humans, most of us are spending time online, seeking out real-time updates and new information to better understand the coronavirus and what it means for our daily lives.

As matters escalate, companies are closing offices and storefronts. Where appropriate, employees are being asked to work from home.

However, a segment of businesses are continuing to operate in order to provide essential goods and services. These include grocery and convenience stores, superstores, pharmacies, delivery services, and restaurants with take-out capabilities. As such, their workforces are acting as the frontline of defense to ensure people have food and supplies.

Given the evolving nature of the coronavirus situation, it’s more important than ever to make sure these employees have the exact information needed to do their jobs safely. Real-time updates and policy and procedure changes must be communicated with speed to ensure everyone stays healthy.

How do organizations accomplish this feat if they rely on traditional methods
of training and communication?

Speed and agility when you need it most

During a pandemic like COVID-19, organizational leaders require a single, easy, and fast means to communicate and share knowledge. Paper notices, emails, and online learning are barely sufficient under normal circumstances; they definitely fall short during a crisis.

What frontline employees require is a modern learning environment that delivers mission-critical content on any mobile device in real-time. Naturally, that means operational learning and communications must be digital.

No matter where a worker is (delivering food, behind a counter), digital on-demand learning enables employees to learn in the flow of work. They can be educated visually about reducing exposure and preventing the spread of the coronavirus. And, when a new update comes out, there’s no delay between alerting employees and the consumption of that vital information.

On-demand learning in practice

During these uncertain times, Inkling customers are using our modern learning solutions to:

  • Deliver up-to-date knowledge and training on COVID-19
  • Continuously roll-out critical real-time information to frontline employees
  • Train teams on how to minimize business disruptions
  • Train associates on best practices for working and managing teams remotely

To illustrate, one customer with nationwide locations created a “Coronavirus Collection” within Inkling soon after the virus arrived in the States. The company is using this collection to house all of their quick reference guides around topics such as “handwashing basics” and best practices for COVID-19 customer interactions.

Another Inkling customer with multinational operations utilized Notices to alert all employees about operational changes due to COVID-19. They are now following up with daily updates to keep store managers informed on policy changes and developments related to hot and cold food bars.

Isn’t it time to go digital?

The need for digital transformation can no longer be ignored or considered “nice-to-have” functionality. In a global economy, it’s important for organizations to realize that this crisis is our new reality. COVID-19 has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt the power of—an absolute need for—digital enablement in order to deliver mission-critical content to workforces with speed and agility.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.