A Real-Time Learning Experience for Real-Time Impact

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We all know the world—and business as usual—has changed dramatically. This is also true for the learning organization. The learning experience and its impact on business matters now more than ever. To deliver the kind of learning that makes an impact, organizations need to shift their focus from traditional, corporate learning to mission-critical, operational learning.

A Learning Experience That Goes Beyond Skills

Skills are important, especially in industries that require technical expertise like manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. Skills include knowledge on a topic or system and are best learned through video, online or in-classroom courses, and testing.

Expertise, however, goes beyond hard and soft skills. Developing capabilities gives workers the ability to perform a job, and are a combination of skills, knowledge, and experiences an employee needs to succeed. Unlike skills, capabilities are not easily automated and are often unique to your company. Key capabilities are taught on the job, shoulder to shoulder, and in person.

With operational learning, your organization can go beyond mere skills training and equip your workers with real-world capabilities, directly aligned to the needs of specific lines of business. This shifts your organization toward a focus on expertise—driving operational excellence and measurable business results.

A Real-Time Learning Experience for Real-Time Impact

How Operational Learning Drives Impact

In a distributed company where salespeople and call center agents have to keep up with complicated products and new services, ensuring that they get the training needed to do their jobs is no easy task. A traditional LMS makes it difficult to update content and distribute it fast enough to be effective. Add in a global pandemic and it’s impossible to meet the changing needs of the workforce.

Shifting focus from corporate learning to operational learning enables the learning organization to align, create, and deliver content that’s relevant to the work employees are doing.

The ability to publish engaging new learning content and update instantly, anytime, anywhere, on any device means it’s easy for employees to quickly reference what they need, when they need it. Structured learning courses and certifications give you the ability to guide workers through specific content on their time. Combine all this with tracking the operational impact of learning, and you’ve got everything you need to transform the learning experience.

A Modern Learning Platform for Business Today

For today’s fast-paced business, learners need a new kind of learning experience that actually equips them with the mission-critical knowledge they need to do their jobs safely and effectively. A modern learning platform that adds operational learning to your traditional LMS is the best way to accomplish this. Make sure that your platform delivers easy content authoring, a learner-centric UX, structured learning paths, and meaningful analytics, so you can share your organization’s most critical learning and knowledge with simplicity.

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