The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

Companies around the globe are working to restore business performance and keep their employees and customers safe.

In this new world of work, old processes, systems, and policies aren’t sustainable. You need new and innovative ways of communicating, training, and updating your workforce to navigate changing conditions, new information, and guidelines.

Inkling is so much more than an on-demand learning platform—it’s also an authoring, knowledge management, and communications platform built to support your economic recovery.

Inkling addresses the unique challenges of today’s world of work, including the ability to help you:


• Save on printing and shipping of materials

• Ensure safety and compliance with a single source of truth

• Communicate effectively with remote workers with no e-mail addresses

• Instantly update and publish new information and learning in minutes

• Reduce onboarding time and speed new employee ramp up with content reuse

• Drive user adoption with easy-to-use applications that learners want to use

• Tie learning consumption and effectiveness to business performance

Stories from the Front Lines

Almost all of Inkling’s customers have taken advantage of the unique speed and flexibility of our platform to adapt during the height of the pandemic to recover at workspeed. Many have used our platform to communicate updates to their remote workforce on changing health and business conditions, educate their teams on new policies and processes for safety, and even launched new products and services in response to the pandemic.

Here are a few of their stories.

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“The global pandemic has forced organizations to rethink their learning strategies. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for organizations to create a more powerful approach to learning and to put down the traditional approaches that have been in place for many years. The time is now for organizations to reach out to their learners in a new way and help them to acquire the necessary competencies and skills to manage through this uncertain and stressful time.”


—Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group