Why No Code Content Creation Tools Are Taking Over The Internet

Why No Code Content Creation Tools Are Taking Over The Internet blog image

Are you looking to create stunning and effective digital training content that aligns with your brand? Nowadays, you have options:

  • Full code: Write code from scratch and display the content on a website
  • Low code: Use a website builder to take some of the guesswork out of it and tweak it with CSS
  • No code: Use a no-code editor to drag and drop content and edit it on the page.

Full Code Content Authoring

For L&D teams, full code is probably overkill. Who has time to learn how to write code and build digital content from scratch, painstakingly ensuring you stick to your brand standards when you have employees who represent your business to the customer that you need to onboard before you lose them? Not you!

Plus, in a full-code environment, you are re-inventing the wheel. Many platforms do a great job of creating digital content and it would be far more expensive to create and maintain this kind of platform than to purchase a holistic solution. 

With full-code digital authoring, you’re entirely on your own. You still have to figure out where to store the content, how to publish it, and how to get it to your learners, as well as manage the impact and know who has taken the training.

Now that we’ve examined full-code solutions, let’s talk about low-code options.

Low Code Content Authoring

Low code could meet your operational learning needs, but there is often a learning curve. Let’s take WordPress, for example. You can easily create a website, but there are a lot of options, and, depending on your needs, they can get complicated quickly. You can use it to measure data on your learners, but you’re still going to have to do a bit of coding on the back end to make the content meet your brand standards, restrict proprietary content, or know who has seen and taken which course.

You could also use an LMS or other content creation tool or you could display your WordPress site on your Sharepoint, but getting the branding just right or figuring out how to step a learner through a course is tedious, and editing the content can be tricky.

That leaves us with no-code editors.

No Code Content Authoring

You could use a website tool and still have to figure out where to publish, how to gate content, and how to measure the content and impact. You could use a separate no-code tool to author your content. But then what? You can publish to Sharepoint, SCORM, or another antiquated format that works with an LMS.

Likewise, no-code website creation tools like Wix, Webflow, and Squarespace make it easy for regular folks with no HTML coding experience to create a beautiful website in no time. What if it were that easy to create beautiful, branded content for your learning and training content?

How Inkling Helps

Lucky for you, we provide the best of both worlds. You get everything you’d expect from your typical separate no-code tool, but:

  • Branded exactly the way you want with no code or even design experience.
  • The ability to publish instantly with just one click and your users will have immediate access to it.
  • No additional website or LMS is required.
    • Even someone who deems themselves “technology challenged” on your L&D team can create gorgeous content with our no-code authoring platform.
  • Your content looks fantastic on any and every device: mobile phones, Ipads, and your back-office computer. 

What about data, you ask? Well, that’s yet another thing that comes standard. We:

  • Integrate with your existing data systems or will provide you with a Tableau license with custom dashboards to get you the maximum benefit from your content.
  • You can tie your learning content directly to the performance of your stores and employees.
  • You can see how one store performs in taking training and map those metrics to their sales numbers.
  • You can update and tweak your content in real-time to maximize the benefits for your learners. 

Inkling gives you everything you need to be successful: no-code digital content development, publishing, and data. We were the original no-code L&D authoring tool. We did it first and we are still doing it today and making fans of our customers. Contact us or chat with us today to learn more about how Inkling can help.