Mobile Sales Enablement: 5 Must-Haves

Mobile Sales Enablement 5 Must Haves blog image

When it comes to sales enablement, the importance of mobile sales cannot be overstated. Portable, flexible, and easily digestible information plays a crucial role in unleashing a rep’s full potential. In fact, according to a Salesforce report, high performers are nearly four times as likely as their underperforming counterparts to use a mobile sales app.

So, what does it take to succeed with sales training content on mobile? Tailoring the approach is crucial for each company, but there are a few basic elements every organization should include.

1. A Clear Vision of Your Destination

Your program’s primary aim is to empower your sales team to operate as proficient, deal-sealing powerhouses. Introducing mobile content stands as a pivotal aspect of the sales enablement journey. Why? It’s a game-changer. It slashes ramp-up time, amplifies engagement, and significantly cuts initial costs, paving the way for quicker returns on investments.

2. Building a Repository of Tailored Mobile-Optimized Resources

Starting anew isn’t always the answer. You won’t need to craft an entirely fresh library of training materials, nor should you migrate every existing piece of content. Take a comprehensive inventory of your current content. What stays? What needs updating? What’s missing? Scrutinize its relevance to your reps’ needs. Ensure the content not only educates but also resonates.

Consider diverse formats—videos, interactive modules, or bite-sized resources—for varied learning styles. The goal? Offering a dynamic, engaging learning experience that sticks.

3. Crafting an Implementation Blueprint Suited to Your Business

Developing and managing an in-house mobile platform involves more than meets the eye. There’s no cookie-cutter solution. A bespoke strategy that syncs with your business’s financial standing and growth trajectory is essential. Pause and ponder: Can your IT team manage this endeavor without stretching resources thin?

If internal management seems daunting, exploring partnerships with a seasoned digital agency or utilizing licensed software platforms becomes a savvy move. Such collaborations elevate your sales enablement game without burdening your internal resources, ensuring a seamless transition to a mobile-enabled sales environment.

By deliberating over these crucial aspects, you’re not just adopting mobile sales enablement; you’re charting a course toward a more agile, responsive, and lucrative sales operation.

This expanded content delves deeper into each aspect, offering more comprehensive guidance and insights to enhance the reader’s understanding and aid in their decision-making process.

4. A New and Improved Workflow

Your sales enablement program is going to need a new content creation workflow. That’s great! It’s a chance to increase efficiency, creativity, and collaboration. The right mobile platform and workflow allow subject matter experts to give input on new content without requiring technical help.

5. A Framework for Evaluating What’s Working (or Not)

To enable efficient sales, it is necessary to determine which content equips your reps with essential information. By tracking usage rates, frequency, page views, and content access, at a minimum, you can evaluate efficacy and identify areas for improvement. This strategy helps you understand which content is most valuable to the sales team. With engaging and useful materials at their fingertips, reps will be empowered to win over the world.

With a mobile sales enablement solution, your team can access everything they need to close deals on the go. Imagine being able to access pitch decks, case studies, and training materials all in one place, wherever you are. That’s exactly what a sales enablement solution provides. Not only does it increase productivity and efficiency, but it also ensures that every member of your team is armed with the right information to close deals successfully. Give it a try and see the benefits for yourself! Contact or chat with us today to get a deeper dive into our sales enablement solution.