5 Key Takeaways from Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC 2018)

By Basia Solek on May 4, 2018

We have compiled our five key takeaways from Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC 2018) so you can stay on top of all the juicy stats and trends within the restaurant industry. Read More

NRF 2018: It’s About the Brand, not the Channel

By Matt MacInnis on January 24, 2018

The conversation this year has shifted from how to “save” brick-and-mortar to where it fits in the broader brand relationships of consumers. Three broad trends seem to be leading the industry in a healthier direction. ...

Why You’re Not Reaching Your Millennial Workforce

By Ryan Wright on July 21, 2016

Much has been written about millennials over the past few years, more than 45,000 articles and counting. While searching the depths of the internet you can find some fascinating headlines: “ ...
Static Content

The 3 Major Pitfalls of Static Content

By Diana Tsao on July 8, 2016

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to enterprise technology aimed at helping employees learn, communicate, and share static content. There is email, chats, intranets, wikis, training universities, SharePoint, content repositories, file ...