New Product Update: Web Library

Don’t let our focus on mobile fool you. We still have a lot of love for web-based content—it’s a key part of our “anytime, anywhere, and on any device” proposition to customers. At Inkling, we pride ourselves in delivering a consistent, high-quality experience across the web, iOS, and Android. That’s why this month, we’re excited to announce that customers now have another way to experience Inkling content: the full-featured web library is here!

Web Library

Now, your end users can come to one place on the web to access their full library of content, just like they do in their Inkling-provided mobile app. Once logged in via single sign-on (SSO) or other corporate credentials, they’re able to consume content across their library and quickly search for answers on the spot. Content usage is tracked into a centralized reporting dashboard and assessment results can be sent to an LMS, together providing a clearer picture of what’s working. In short, the experience you’ve come to love on mobile devices is perfectly replicated for the web.

The Web Library in Action

This feature is especially useful for organizations that don’t have anywhere on the web to host all of their Inkling content. The library is hosted by Inkling, but branded to your organization’s liking. For example, Acme Corporation can now send their employees acme.read.inklingelemdev.wpengine.com to access their up-to-date library. Additionally, content managers can deep link to specific pages or topics, saving employees the time and effort of searching through long PDFs for what they need. With Inkling, projects can be immediately published and updated, all without the help of IT.

What’s Next

Here at Inkling, we’re committed to building the best products for our customers, and continue to roll out new features to better serve their needs. Stay tuned for future products updates, and in the meantime, read more about our customers’ experiences with Inkling as a solution for better retail training and sales enablement