[Video] Behind-the-Scenes: Inkling’s Marketing Team

At Inkling, we’ve always been curious. It’s what encouraged us to re-engineer our internally-built publishing platform for use at some of the world’s top publishing houses, like Pearson and McGraw-Hill. And it’s helped us to reimagine what publishing means, as we empower Fortune 500 companies to easily create, distribute and measure their business content for employees and customers around the globe. Yet, even amid new ideas and business shifts, we’ve always stayed true to our vision: make the world a smarter place.

That vision gets lived out within the company itself,  as many of us use the Inkling platform every day to do our jobs. Our marketing team, for example, builds beautiful, HTML-based marketing collateral for both our Sales team and our leads and then easily distributes that content across the web. This all happens via our platform—and all without ever pestering an engineer for help. (Want to see it for yourself? Check out our Resources page!) After our eBooks and white papers are out in the wild, we then look at the built-in content analytics to see how Sales and leads are engaging with our pieces, and bake those insights back into the collateral … not something you can do with your average PDF!

In the video below, we offer an inside look at our marketing team and the glue that holds us all together: staying curious about how interactive, mobile content can help organizations better share their knowledge.

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