3 Powerful Advantages to Learning on a Fully-Native Mobile App

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Aren’t all mobile learning apps the same? Actually, no. There are some important differences between mobile apps that are built for a mobile environment and apps that just run on a browser.

The most important thing to remember is your learners will notice the difference so here’s exactly what you need to know:

1. Native Mobile Apps Deliver Better Performance

Employees in the field or on-job location are often in situations where time is of the essence. There’s no time to wait for content to load or refresh. A native mobile app is created and optimized for a specific platform so it’s much more efficient in how it loads and refreshes content. Mobile apps that were built using a web browser take more bandwidth and load time can be substantially slower.

2. Native Mobile Apps Use Built-in Mobile Features

Have you ever had to pinch, scroll, and resize the content on your mobile device so you could easily view something? Well, this won’t happen with an app built within a mobile environment because it uses responsive design. That means training materials, videos, and SCORM content will automatically fit any mobile screen size so your employees can easily view and interact with it without a lot of manual maneuvering.

3 Powerful Advantages to Learning on a Fully-Native Mobile App

A native mobile app is able to easily leverage the built-in features of the mobile device, such as the microphone, camera, and location services. For example, if an employee is busy in the kitchen making a chicken sandwich and needs to reference training content, they can search hands-free for the content using specific voice commands. Field employees can even search by using QR codes, making it easy for you to tie specific documents to a piece of equipment or hardware. If you’re worried about security, geofencing allows you to set preferences on where employees can access certain documentation based on an address and a defined radius.

3. Native Mobile Apps Deliver a Consistent Learning Experience

Whether employees are on a mobile device or on a desktop, you want them to get the same learning experience for your programs to have maximum impact. A learning app that is built in a mobile environment is designed to match the common interface and experience of every user. Your employees won’t think they’ve logged onto the wrong app, because it’s consistent with what they use on a desktop or any other device.

When you invest in a learning solution, you want to be sure it will deliver the kind of learning experience that meets your overall objectives and gives employees what they need to do their jobs. A native mobile learning app takes the pressure off your team because it delivers performance, consistency, and rich content—anytime, anywhere.