BYOD Training for Today’s Frontline Workers

BYOD Training Frontline Worker blog image

Mobile technology is now a part of our everyday lives. By 2024, mobile workers in the U.S. are expected to reach 93.5 million. More and more companies are discovering the multitude of benefits of moving training and learning to mobile devices. This idea of “bring your own device” (BYOD) training is gaining momentum with L&D organizations due in part to the pandemic, 85% of companies introduced BYOD practices due to COVID-19.

So, what’s the best way to deliver BYOD workplace training that engages frontline workers and meets your business objectives?

Create a “Consumer” Experience 

Your employees do nearly everything on their mobile devices. They’re expecting the same experience from their training as they would get from Amazon, Doordash, or Uber. Content on these sites is optimized for mobile devices so users don’t have to pinch, scroll, and resize content to view and interact with it.

Deskless workers expect a mobile learning experience that allows them to use the built-in features of their mobile devices like the microphone, camera, and even location services. Your BYOD training should enable frontline workers to search hands-free using voice commands and use QR Codes. All of this brings a more “consumer-like” experience to the training. 

Make It Easy for Frontline Workers to Find, Learn, and Do

A BYOD training experience is very different from traditional desk-bound training. It is a shift away from the traditional teach, study, test model to a new, more dynamic find, learn, do model.  This model allows workers to find the training or knowledge they need quickly, learn what they need to learn in the moment, and immediately do what they learned and get on with their work.  Frontline workers need quick access to up-to-date content that’s relevant to how and where they work so they can make good decisions and do their best every shift.  

Make searching for information quick and easy on mobile devices by leveraging a familiar search experience like Google where employees can pinpoint key content to get what they need and get back to the task at hand. The way to do this is to leverage native mobile features and to do that you’re going to need a mobile training solution that’s specifically built to take advantage of those features. 

BYOD worker training is what your frontline and deskless workers need so they can deliver customer experiences that’ll boost your bottom line. Don’t get left behind or stuck dealing with high employee turnover. Deliver the kind of BYOD training that makes employees feel confident in their jobs.