When It Comes to L&D, Blended Learning Rules the School

By Jesse Baines on October 13, 2015

The symptoms are clear - high turnover, stagnant sales, unengaged staff. It's time to reevaluate your corporate training program. The curriculum is flat... Read More

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How Better Data Builds Better Corporate Training

By Jesse Baines on October 8, 2015

These days, it seems that data is everywhere. Except in corporate training. Why is L&D falling behind everyone else when it comes to analytics? As we know and regularly experience, traditional corporate ...

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Do You Know How to Use Your LMS for the Most Impact?

By Amelia Salyers on September 29, 2015

$1.9 billion was spent globally on learning management systems in 2013--an increase of almost 10% over the previous year. In 2014 the market went well over $2.5 billion. ...

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The Office is Mobile. Why Isn’t Your L&D Content?

By Amelia Salyers on September 22, 2015

Once upon a time, in the traditional single-office workspace, it was widely accepted that holding learning and development (L&D) content hostage within binders or intranet PDFs was effective but even that is now  ...

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Why Your Professional Development Program Is Broken (and How to Fix It)

By Amelia Salyers on September 18, 2015

Many workplaces offer complimentary professional development programs and courses, but these programs are only as valuable as the number of employees who participate, apply new skills and demonstrate impact. Increasingly, employee training is ...

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Solving the Skills Supply Chain Challenge

By Amelia Salyers on September 9, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of great, high-paying jobs out there for the taking--the problem is in finding people with the necessary skillsets to handle the roles. Technology advances and a ...

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3 Hidden Benefits of Building Modular Content

By Anna Tifft on April 23, 2015

Lately, the publishing community has been abuzz with the idea of "modular" content. But what does that actually mean? David Wilcockson explains modular content as a way to rethink the book product. Instead of ...

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How to Design Future-Proof Learning Content

By Chloe Dalby on April 21, 2015

As you design learning content---paying close attention to style choices, media placement, and editorial direction---it's easy to wonder: how long will this piece of content last? Today's culture is certainly not one of permanence, and ...